Taunggyi University

Department of Geography

Historical Background

Taunggyi University was first established as an Intermediate College in 1961. Since then, the teaching of Geography has been started. So Geography Department is one of the earliest departments in Taunggyi University.
The degrees of B.A (Geography), B.A Honours (Geography) and M.A (Geography) have been conferred since 1993, 1995, 1997-98 respectively. M.Res degree was conferred from 2003-04 to 2018-19.

Dr. Mar Lar Thein
Professor & Head


  • To promote active learning, life-long learning, global awareness and create meaningful social connection between individuals and their environment
  • To support modern technology, techniques and lab equipment
  • To emphasize on environmental field of study and priority on researchbased project
  • To enhance collaboration with international universities and organizations
  • To assist regional-based economic development


  • To disseminate geographic knowledge to regional human resources and qualification shall be met job opportunities.

Degree Offered

  • B.A Geography (4-years)
  • B.A (Honours) Geography (5-years)
  • M.A Geography (2-years)
  • M.Res Geography (1-years)