Dr. Nyan Sint

Dr. Nyan Sint

Associate Professor

Educational Records

  • B.A (Hons), (1992), Mandalay University,

  • M.A. Title: (1998), History of Taunggyi (1894-1942)

  • PhD. Title: (2013), History of Inlay Lake Region (1878-1900)

Departmental Research

History of Kekku Mwedaw and cultural artifacts and Architectural works, Dr. Than Tun Ten Years Anniversary, Win Toe Aung Offset, Yangon, 2015

Taunggyi in Transition (AD 1943-1962), Departmental Research, Taunggyi University, 2008

အင်းသားတို့၏ လူနေမှု့ဘ၀နှင့်လှေလုပ်ငန်: Departmental

Research, Taunggyi University, March 2005

ကက္ကူမ္ပေတော်သမိုင်းနှင့် အနုပညာဗိသုကာလက်ရာများ ၊ တက္ကသိုလ်များပုံနှိပ်တိုက် ၊ ဦးကြည်၀င်း ၊ မန်နေဂျာ (၁၂၃၈၄)၊ ရန်ကုန် ၊ ၂၀၀၄ မတ်

Rural Economy and Indebtedness of Inlay Lake Region during Late Konbaung Period, Research Paper, presented in 23rd Anniversary of Taunggyi University, 17 August 2015

Cluster Pagodas of Southern Shan State, Research Paper, Taunggyi University, 2020

Research Publication

  • Taxation System in Nyaung Shwe State: Early Colonial Era, The Journal of Tai Studies, Taunggyi,  Shan State, Vol-III,September 2019
  • The Introduction of British Taxation System in Nyaung Shwe State during Early Colonial Period, Taunggyi University Research Journal, Vol-10, No-1, June-2019
  • Inscribed Plaques from Shwe Oo Min Natural Cave Pagoda, Pindaya, Taunggyi University Research Journal, Vol-11, No-1, December, 2019

Research Fields

Socio-economic History