Dr. Pale Aung

Dr. Pale Aung

Associate Professor

Educational Records

  • M.A Title; Socio-economic History of Myinmu (1752-1885), 1998
  • Ph.D Title; Elephant and Myanmar Society (1752-1885), 2007

Department Research

  • History of Tradition and Costume of Kayah
  • Shwekyin Sasanna
  • Study of Ancient Antiquities in Mandalay University
  • Dress in Feudal Period
  • Economic History of Myinmu (1752-1885)
  • Elephant and Myth
  • Royal Orders of Elephant in King Badon Reign
  • Socio-economic life from Thetkayit
  • Agriculture of Myinmu in Konbaung Period

Research Publications

  • Socio-economic Life of People in Myinmu Township, 2016
  • Elephant Cult in Myanmar, Vol.6, 2018 (Proceeding)

Research Field

  • Social History